Peter Celauro MugshotPeter Celauro is a ministry worker, writer, editor and designer based in Westmont, Illinois. He serves as Director of Missional Living at Christ Church in Oak Brook, Illinois.


In the corporate world, Peter’s professional passion is helping individuals and brands find their own unique voices and tell compelling stories.

As a freelancer, Peter has served as Editor of POND Trade Magazine and edited or co-authored the work of professionals in a variety of fields. He is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Digital Literary Magazine and has edited and written for a host of other digital publications. He also spent a decade as Marketing Manager of a group of electronics companies in Chicago’s western suburbs — and about a year as a rabidly enthusiastic Mac specialist in a San Diego Apple Store.

As Brand Journalist at Group Delphi, the experience creation shop, Peter was responsible for storytelling companywide — including content marketing, scriptwriting, and conceptualization of the Alameda company’s wildly imaginative experiences.


Peter spent four years honing his craft at Pepperdine University, where he was the Arts & Entertainment Editor of the school’s award-winning weekly newspaper, Graphic. After college, Peter studied under leading book and magazine industry professionals at NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute.


Peter is still beaming after marrying his soulmate in July 2012. He is the father of two rambunctious boys. A joyful Christ-follower with a heart for youth ministry, Peter is a small group leader for high schoolers at Christ Church. His prized possession is a Fender tube amp and his headphones frequently blast film scores and sci-fi audiobooks. He enjoys cooking, traveling, and reading and writing fiction.

Peter passionately loves and hates golf.