• Ignite Their Imaginations 100%
  • Make Them Laugh 100%
  • Keep The Facts Straight 100%
  • Let Your Personality Shine Through 100%


Clear, Captivating Prose

Peter is a talented writer with a unique, engaging voice. During his decade-long career in magazines, newspapers and business marketing, he’s written:

  • Investigative news features
  • Humorous editorial columns
  • Blog posts
  • Music and movie reviews
  • Personality profiles
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Print and digital advertisements
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A tactful breakup letter (That one was personal, but boy … it was a doozy.)

From personal correspondence to striking product copy to unforgettable blog posts, Peter thrives at providing clear, engaging writing for any individual or organization.

Peter is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Digital Literary Magazine, a Web publication born out of frustration with the vapid clickbait clogging our news feeds. If a free, collaborative magazine of authenticity and substance sounds like something you’d enjoy, please check it out! While its digital nature means it will never find a home on your coffee table, Peter guarantees that it goes great with coffee.

Let’s find your voice and make it sing.

  • Organize Your Ideas 100%
  • Improve The Flow 100%
  • Polish Your Prose 100%
  • Turn On The Grammarator! 100%


Sharpen Your Message

Peter is a careful and efficient editor who’s equally comfortable in all genres of prose. From proofreading and polishing to complete restructuring for readability and logical flow, Peter thrives on deadlines and strives to turn scattered ideas into your best work.

Peter is the editor of POND Trade Magazine, a bimonthly publication serving the pond, koi and water feature industries. In addition to fact-checking, massaging and grammatically scrubbing every word in the mag, he also writes the headlines, table of contents, captions, editorial columns and the occasional investigative piece. What’s more, he maintains relationships with a variety of freelance writers, ensuring that each written contribution meets POND Trade’s requirements for substance, style, structure and accuracy.

Peter is an AP Style aficionado, but he can happily and efficiently edit copy adhering to any style the project requires.

Let’s turn your first draft into a masterpiece.

  • Grab Their Attention 100%
  • Convey A Clear Message 100%
  • Unwrap The Eye Candy! 100%
  • Leave A Lasting Impression 100%


Present With Style

Peter is a capable and thoughtful designer with a long history of successful business and personal projects.

As the marketing manager for a group of electronics companies in Chicago, he regularly conceives and executes unique and compelling advertisements, brochures, catalogs and websites.

Peter also designed Digital Literary Magazine from scratch, recruiting and curating a plethora of artistic and written works to create an unprecedented, aesthetically pleasing “experiment in creative collaboration” that no iPad should be without.